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Philosophy for study

My belief is that there are many resources that are available on Bible application and living with faith principles, so that my purpose for teaching an Adult Bible Group is an in-depth study of God's word. In my studies, we select a book of the Bible and do a verse by verse study of its history, its context and its meaning. We do apply the meaning to today, but our focus is to make sure that we read, study and discuss God's word as revealed in the Holy Scripture. We use very limited study guides in class but spend our time reading God's Word.

The Group Itself

We minister to our own age group so normally our group is a 50's and above group but we do not age-limit it. The group is made up of single men and women, and couples who share a passion for studying God's word.  Our members come from many faith traditions, among them are Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Catholic. Our members come from all walks of life and blend to make a great group of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Most of these lessons were taught in classroom or larger venue and you will hear questions, comments, and some normal banter that takes place in the group. It is a free and open session for discussion and questions. Open your Bible and join in !

Resources used

The Bible I most commonly use is the NIV Study Bible, but also consult the Life Application Study Bible in the NIV 84 translation. I prefer this translations because we do not have to spend as much time deciphering the older, less accurate translations.

My other commonly used resources are:

John MacArthur NT Commentaries

William Barclay Daily Study Bible (primarily for Background)

Life Application NT Commentaries
Bible Knowledge Commentary (OT and NT)
Wiersbe's BE Commentary (OT and NT)

Many other resources such as Greek Interlinear, Ryrie Systematic Theology, Haley's Bible Handbook, etc..