Special Studies

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8/30/2020 Kingdm of Hvn Parables Video Slides Audio

2019 Year End Review Audio      Slides
2020 Year End Review - Dec 27, 2020 
       Video   Slides  Audio

Special Studies-Sunday night Bible Study

Sunday Morning Bible Study
  >> End times update - May 22, 2016 Audio   Notes

Interview between Ann Graham Lotz and Jan Markell - 10-11-14

 Prophecy Overview Sessions

Before you read  Lesson 1
- please listen to this sermon by Colin Smith at Unlocking the Bible...it will prepare you


Lesson 1  Feb 12, 2012 Slides

Lesson 2 Feb 19, 2012 Slides                    Audio

Lesson 3 Feb 26, 2012 Notes                     Audio

Lesson 4 Mar 4, 2012  Slides                    Audio

Lesson 5 Mar 11, 2012 Notes                    Audio

Lesson 6 Mar 18, 2012 Local Video only

Lesson 7 Mar 25, 2012 Notes                    Audio

For lesson 6, we will be in Israel and we are showing a video about Prophecy related to the nation of Israel

Lesson 7 will be the final wrap up lesson